All classes are base on vinyasa yoga with music and easy going teaching. You will experience a developing and challenging practice for both beginners and used yogis where yin and yang are balanced in a playful way.

You will go through traditional asanas that sometimes will be mixed with some armbalances and inversions. All classes are adjusted to the participants. No class is similar to the other.

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Rocket vinyasa



Tinas YogaFörAlla, Handen

Strong flow



UrbanOM, Wallingatan 20

Hot vinyasa



Sats Sofo, Kocksgatan 12


Rocket vinyasa

A dynamic yoga flow based on Ashtanga vinyasa. It is not a rigid practice like Ashtanga but is rather a more fun and challenging practice, has possibilities to modify the asanas and includes armbalances, inversions and splits. It's a practice where you stay about five breaths in each posture and then continue to the next.

Asanas you meet in a Rocket class are astavakrasana, hanumanasana, pincha mayurasana, handstand, headstands, bird of paradise and more.

This yoga style suits you who have practiced yoga before, like challenges, armbalances and inversions. No Rocket class is the same as the other, each class has its setup.

Strong flow

A dynamic yoga flow with a mix of standing and sitting asanas. We stay a little longer in the asanas than Rocket and challenges the core, balance and flexibility.

It is a sweaty and core demanding class and suits you who want to recharge with new energy for the day.

Hot vinyasa

This class is the same as strong flow just that it is performed in a heated room. The temperature is around 36 degrees Celcius. Bring a towel to have on your mat and maybe also a smaller towel to wipe your face. Yes, and a bottle with water. 

A good advice for the hot vinyasa is to dring around 1-2 liters of water a couple of hourse before the class. You will sweat a lot!

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