All classes are base on vinyasa yoga with music and easy going teaching. You will experience a developing and challenging practice for both beginners and used yogis where yin and yang are balanced in a playful way.

You will go through traditional asanas that sometimes will be mixed with some armbalances and inversions. The classes gives you options to choose between lighter variations or more advanced, you choose your practice. No class is similar to the other.

Hope to see you on the mat!






Strong flow yoga



UrbanOM, Wallingatan 20

Strong flow vinyasa



YogaShakti, Högbergsgatan 30A

Hot vinyasa flow



Sats Sofo, Kocksgatan 12


Morning flow

A dynamic yoga flow with a mix of standing and sitting asanas. The purpose of the class is to give you energy to start your day with.

It is a lighter class than the Strong flow classes.

Strong flow

A dynamic yoga flow with a mix of standing and sitting asanas. We stay a little longer in the asanas than Rocket and challenges the core, balance and flexibility.

It is a sweaty and core demanding class and suits you who want to recharge with new energy for the day.

Hot vinyasa

This class is the same as strong flow just that it is performed in a heated room. The temperature is around 36 degrees Celcius. Bring a towel to have on your mat and maybe also a smaller towel to wipe your face. Yes, and a bottle with water. 

A good advice for the hot vinyasa is to dring around 1-2 liters of water a couple of hourse before the class. You will sweat a lot!

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Perfect yoga retreat with Mathilda & Naofal! 

Both teachers are very experienced yogis and great teachers, sharing their knowledge and helping you progress at your own path. I deeply appreciated their kindness, caring attitude and professionalism. They’re also perfectly complementary, Mathilda teaching more yin and Naofal more yang, you get to taste both styles during the retreat so everyone is pleased.

The Shambala center is absolutely stunning and perfectly adapted to disconnect from everyday life stress while reconnecting with yourself. Amazing nature, friendly staff and delicious plant-based food. I highly recommend all-levels yogis to join for an unforgettable experience!

- Jessica, Switzerland -

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