Iam Naofal and I am your yoga teacher. My personality is well described as a person that likes to share and see people grow. 

Since my childhood I've been practicing a lot of sports. I tried many but the ones I focued most was in in gymnastics, track and field athletics and different martial arts like Taekwondo, Hapkdo and Thai boxing. I've always ended up teaching younger athletes when I finished my professional era, becuase I love to share.

Striving and seeking adrenaline kicks

During the past, I've had big focus on accomplishment, competition and to seek adrenaline kicks. With that, I've experienced many injuries and rehab which in the end resulted in a more mature, mindful and sustainable relation to how I today take care of my health. I move with different sports, keep a healthy and aware diet and meditate with the nature around me.

When I don't practice or teach yoga I run a consultant company and support companies as management consultant. I like to see myself as the urban yogi that keeps the balance between the busy work and the mindful practice on the mat.

How I started with yoga?

It all started around 2010, I found yoga as a complement to my gym practice to reach better mobility and flexibility.

A couple of years after, in 2015, I started practicing yoga with a more inner purpose and focus. Since then, I've developed myself physically, mentally and emotionally as a yoga practicioner. After many years of stress and exhausion both in my professional and private life I started to look deeper into what yoga and meditation could do to help me get a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle. I am grateful for that today!

Since then, I've been practicing different styles such as hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga, Ashtanga and Rocket vinyasa. Rocket made me fall in love with the practice where yoga, arm balances and inversions were combined and yet still keep the body, mind and breath in control.

The inspiration journey that showed me the way

On my inspiration trip through the land of yoga, India, I met many inspiering teachers and practiced a lot of different yoga and got the opportunity to deepen myself within yoga and it's philosophy. It was both interesting and valuable and I am grateful to have it with me both on my inner and outer practice.

Today, I teach different styles of yoga such as vinyasa, strong flow and Rocket vinyasa in studios in Stockholm. I also arrange workshops and retreats in Sweden and abroad. Follow me on Instagram to find more inspiration @Naofalyoga

I am looking forward to share my yoga with you and hope to see you on the mat soon.




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